What makes xpdrainage different?


Easy Stormwater Control Design

Unlike many other stormwater design programs, xpdrainage designs all components of stormwater controls to meet your requirements.



Click & Drag Design

Place and connect stormwater elements within your design, reposition elements and resize them with a click and drag of your mouse. 


Advanced System Validation

Before analysis review a summary of potential level inconsistencies or input errors which would have significant undesired impact on the model if left unfixed.

GIS & CAD Integration

Pull design and layout information directly from AutoCAD or your favorite GIS platform. Push design modifications back with a click of a button.


Treatment Train Design Approach

Design connected stormwater controls to include important effects of downstream water levels. Interrogate the treatment train in profile view.


Pre-and Post-Development Comparisons

Phase comparisons allow you to see the impact of mitigation efforts as your design progresses. 

Automated Pipe & Control Sizing  

Automatically size pipes accounting for design constraints. Customize stormwater control parameters to suite a wide range applications.


Deluge 2D Analysis

xpdrainage can use your topographic information to perform a simple 2D overland flow analysis to discover natural flow patterns on your site.


Comprehensive Results

Include tabular, graphical and recorded animations comparing pre- and post-development Phases in design reports.