Our Solution

We help Design Engineers who work on development and retrofit projects to meet their goals:

  • to find how big a treatment system needs to be for a given project
  • to figure out how it will fit on a project site
  • to do so within project timelines.  

xpdrainage also supports Plan Reviewers who need to clearly understand the intent of a proposed stormwater system and verify that it meets local guidelines without spending a lot of time deciphering the designer's intentions.

xpdrainage walks a user through the entire stormwater design process by implementing a “treatment train” approach, where stormwater controls are linked to maximize the effectiveness of traditional pipe design and newer Green Infrastructure practices. The engineer can build up their design using existing data from CAD and GIS or drag and drop the stormwater controls on plan view.

The graphic visualizations in xpdrainage allow the user to see what is happening through the whole design process. After using the range of automatic sizing tools they can confidently analyze the difference between pre- and post-development scenarios and push schematics and data back to CAD and GIS.

xpdrainage streamlines traditional workflows from two or three separate packages into one.  There is no back-and-forth between programs until the design is right. xpdrainage gets it right the first time, every time.