Lay out your stormwater design by bringing GIS or AutoCAD drawings into xpdrainage, then build your proposed system directly within the software.

Using separate tools for your storm water facility design (spreadsheets, hand calculations or other 3rd party tools) and your CAD layout causes several problems:  a disconnect between what the tools "understand", and time loss trying to translate information from one tool to another. xpdrainage integrates your proposed storm water design and your CAD drawing or GIS package so that your storm water system is better optimized and quickly translated back to your site schematic.




Runoff Reduction Sizing, Hydraulic Assessment and Pipe Sizing is completed with two or three clicks.

Use the Auto Size tool to automatically size pipes based on Rational Method design criteria accounting for design constraints including minimum velocities, cover level and depths. Customize storm water control parameters to size them to suit a wide range of applications for treatment, filtration and storage devices. 





Export your design to CAD or GIS to produce as-built information or produce any tabular or graphical reporting you require.

Communicating a drainage plan with numerous different stakeholders can be the most challenging part of a job; but with multiple presentation options to compare design phases, producing clear results submissions is easy.  Include tabular, graphical and recorded animations comparing pre- and post-development and mitigation scenarios or Phases in design reports. Demonstrate and quantify the impacts to your clients and other stakeholders.

Produce volume and dimension reports with totals for manhole and pipe types or on an individual basis. Export to Excel or PDF to include in reporting or complete the next step of the all-important costing process.